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I have been interested in male bondage and torture even since I was a child, really. One of the events that contributed the most to developing that taste was watching the bondage scenes in mainstream movies. For example, I remember watching on TV the 1977 movie "The Island of Dr. Moreau." It really turned me on to see Michael York restrained to a table, and Burt Lancaster telling him he was going to turn him into an animal. I especially liked it when Michael woke up after sleeping for a while, realized the experiments from Dr. Moreau were having an effect on him (he was growing body hair, which made him look better), and started screaming and struggling against the metal restraints.

Unfortunately, only very rarely I could catch scenes of that nature on movie theaters or on TV. However, once VCRs became popular and my family got 2 VCRs, I started renting movies at the different video stores of my hometown, searching for movies with male bondage scenes. These scenes were primarily found in Action films, but I could also find some in Sword & Sandal, Western, and Horror films. Once I found a movie with a scene I liked, I copied only the bondage scene onto another tape before I returned the one I rented. As the years went by I ended up having at least 4 video tapes with only bondage scenes from movies. And no, I don't have these tapes anymore. My mother eventually found them and threw them away.

When DVDs became popular and I bought a Mac with a DVD drive, I then started buying mainstream DVDs with male bondage. I remember my first two purchases were "Starship Troopers" (1997) and "The Punisher" (1989).

Even though I can now find very easily porn movies with male bondage, I still prefer the bondage scenes in mainstream movies, both for nostalgic reasons and because I can fantasize about non-consensual torture without actually hurting anyone. This site is a tribute to these movies and scenes that I like so much. Enjoy.

Feel free to contact me if you know of other movies that can be included in this site. Here are the requirements: the victim has to be (reasonably) attractive, restrained, and with his shirt off. The only exception to the rule is if the victim is tied up while wearing a tank top, and with his arms over his head, exposing his armpits (I have a huge armpit fetish).